PureWow: Two Birds, One Stone: We Went Jogging with Our Therapist

By Dana Dickey

April 17, 2017

I feel like stress is a given in my life, which is why my weekly therapy appointments and workouts are high priorities. When I was referred to a Beverly Hills and Redondo Beach-based therapist who combines the two for supposedly breakthrough progress, I was curious and a little bit oh-how-cliché-Californian skeptical.

But I decided to give it a try. I met Sepideh Saremi, who’s a licensed psychotherapist and certified running coach, at her Run Walk Talk office a couple blocks from Hermosa Beach. We had a quick chat in which we discussed my therapy goals (basically, worrying less and being more patient with my family) before we tied on our running shoes and walked to a two-mile-long boardwalk. We began briskly walking side by side for me to give Saremi a bit of background (and, of course, to warm up our muscles). After a few moments, she suggested we slowly jog for a bit. The effort took my mind off of being self-consciousness about spilling my guts to someone I’d just met but didn’t leave me so winded that I couldn’t still talk.

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