Run Walk Talk

About Run Walk Talk


Run Walk Talk is an innovative method of mental health treatment combining running/walking and talk therapy.

Run Walk Talk...

  • emphasizes personal strengths

  • enhances mental and emotional wellness

  • honors the powerful connection between body and mind

Run Walk Talk is based in the beautiful and fitness-oriented city of Redondo Beach, CA, with an office in the famously body-conscious city of Beverly Hills - but it's not a fitness program. It's not about looking good, getting thin, or running fast - it's about using your body to understand and change your life. It's just as much about sitting and talking as it is about movement, and it's also about forming a relationship with a therapist that will help you develop the freedom to acknowledge and meet your needs.

Run Walk Talk is psychotherapy for moving your life forward.

Interested? Read more about how it works, see the services offered, read my bio, see what people are saying, and get in touch.