Bustle: 11 Signs Your Relationship Isn't Actually Toxic, Even Though Some People Say It Is

By Carolyn Steber

April 14, 2017

While it's perfectly fine to ignore any outside disapproval, it is a good idea to at least hear what everyone has to say — especially if they seem genuinely concerned. "Toxic or even dangerous relationships often don't start that way, and they can happen to anyone," licensed psychotherapist Sepideh Saremi, LCSW tells Bustle. "Listen to the people who have always been trustworthy if they feel you are in danger, because they may be right."

...OK, so maybe your mom doesn't exactly love your partner. But if you feel relaxed around them, then it's likely OK to (kindly) ignore her opinion. "A healthy relationship is one in which you never have to walk on eggshells ... or worry that they'll explode or withdraw as a result of you expressing your needs," says Saremi.  If this is true, keep doin' your thing.  

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