run walk talk®️
Executive coaching


For companies that understand the link between the well-being of their people and the growth of their business, Run Walk Talk Executive Coaching:

  • Improves and restores co-founder and executive team relationships

  • Creates awareness of founder, executive team, and overall company blind spots that impact business, and teaches the tools to correct them

  • Provides insights to support individuals and teams for peak performance

  • Works with leadership to develop psychologically healthy company culture, including effective communication skills and solid team dynamics

Is Your Company Optimized for Peak Performance?

If you are looking for support for your company, you understand that mental health and interpersonal problems seriously compromise the ability of executives and employees to perform at a high level.

It’s simply not possible, and certainly not sustainable, to do extraordinary work when the mind and nervous system are high-jacked by anxiety, stress, and burnout.

High-achieving teams need effective, evidence-based executive coaching and consultation from highly trained and highly competent practitioners who understand how to work with individuals and teams in a business context.

As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in working with people in business, I have nearly a decade of experience across the spectrum of mental wellness - ranging from pathology to peak performance. I go deeper than gurus, motivational speakers, and management consultants to help people create lasting change.

I have a thorough understanding of the personality types of both corporate and start-up executives and top-level management - and I have worked successfully to help them restore and level up their functioning.

IS run walk talk executive coaching the same as psychotherapy?

Unlike psychotherapy, Run Walk Talk Executive Coaching doesn’t treat mental illness. Instead, the focus is on optimizing the communication, relationships, and skills employees and executives need to reach their goals. By working with a licensed psychotherapist, clients of Run Walk Talk have the added benefit of knowing their executive coach is qualified to identify when employees would benefit from psychotherapy and that their coach can facilitate referrals to these services.

what makes run walk Talk and sepideh saremi different from other executive coaches?

By applying my extensive psychotherapy training to executive coaching, my process at Run Walk Talk helps companies develop the mental, emotional, interpersonal, and communication solutions that lead to success in business.

No two companies or individuals are the same, and executive coaching tends to rely too heavily on standardized, formulaic assessment tools (some of which are not actually evidence-based). Coaching like this is limited and limiting at best, and superficial at worst, and companies that are psychologically minded deserve more.

Run Walk Talk Executive Coaching goes beyond standard goal-setting and accountability - it is a deep, client-centered, and holistic approach which favors evidence-based strategies for change.

Based on client needs and preferences, I use a mix of research-supported mindfulness, movement (running/walking), attachment, and cognitive-behavioral methods to move executives, their teams, and their companies forward.