Narratively: How My Panicked Trip to the ER Exposed a Major Flaw in Mental Health Care

Sepideh Saremi, LCSW of Run Walk Talk was quoted by reporter Caroline Shannon-Karasik in her story about mental health care in the ER.

By Caroline Shannon-Karasik

May 31, 2017

“Unless you are lucky enough to be in an emergency room at a hospital with a reputable psychiatric unit, you are not likely to encounter care providers that have sufficient training in mental health,” says Sepideh Saremi, a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist. “That, coupled with stigma, means that you probably won’t get good referrals or resources if you are having something like a panic attack.” Saremi says that in traditional medical settings, mental health care tends to be separated from other services."

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Sepideh Saremi