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Because even people who seem to have it all together need help sometimes.

Are you a high-achiever? A perfectionist? Do you pride yourself on being the best at what you do and have a low tolerance for mistakes, especially your own? Do you work hard to be great but minimize your own achievements? Do you worry that others will find you not good enough, so you never give yourself a break?

Congratulations, you're a Type-A person.

Type-A people demand the best of themselves. They're often gifted, hard working, and successful. From the outside, their lives look amazing.

But often, Type-A people feel alienated and lonely. Their precociousness makes them exceptional but also makes it hard to find peers, be vulnerable with others, and truly connect. Failure triggers shame and self-doubt, making it hard to recover from setbacks. 

Type-A people are often responsible for taking care of others in their personal and professional lives, and many feel that saying "no" is not an option for them. However, they also feel it's not okay to ask others for help, which can make it hard to live a balanced life and maintain good boundaries, leading to resentment and relationship issues.

Type-A people often suffer from "Impostor Syndrome," characterized by feelings of inadequacy despite clearly observable success, making their achievements feel undeserved or hollow.

If you're a Type-A person, you may worry that therapy will make you "soft" or "weak," or that it is a betrayal to your self-sufficiency. I want to help you maintain your strengths and sense of self while alleviating the pressure and shame, so you can actually enjoy your life and achievements. You'll learn how to face the things you want to change about yourself in a more gentle and effective way, and to take credit for the things you do well.

We'll expand your identity and self-worth to encompass more than your accomplishments, so you can feel more grounded and perform even better. Therapy doesn't soften or weaken - the work I do with my patients does exactly the opposite. 

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