Therapy and Coaching for Los Angeles Entrepreneurs

Psychotherapy and Coaching for Entrepreneurs and High Achievers
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Sepideh Saremi, LCSW | 424-270-5427 |

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked at two start-ups and became intimately familiar with the highs and lows of start-up life. I offer psychotherapy and coaching for the entrepreneurs, founders, and executives of Los Angeles, including those in start-ups. I also offer coaching for co-founders who need help managing their relationship so it doesn't hinder their success.

Life as an entrepreneur in Los Angeles can be chaotic, exciting, rewarding - and extremely stressful. 

You likely have lots of different responsibilities and a ton of pressure to perform at a high level. You're good at what you do, a fast learner, and passionate. 

You may also feel overloaded, struggling with how to keep pace with a fast-moving business while attending to your own well-being. I can help you learn to deal with your feelings so you can keep your career and business moving forward.

  • Entrepreneurs: 
    • Get practical, no-nonsense support and an objective sounding board to help reduce and manage your stress.
    • Learn how to control and use your thought process to lead your team more effectively.
    • Identify and fix your emotional blind spots, and use the therapy relationship to learn how to communicate more effectively. 
  • Co-Founders:
    • Get partnership coaching (like marriage counseling, but for start-up founders) so you can build the communication skills you need to give your company the best chance of success.
    • Learn methods of conflict resolution tailored to your co-leadership style so you can quickly and effectively solve interpersonal problems and focus on your business.
    • Figure out how to set healthy boundaries and minimize strain on your personal lives so that your start-up life is more sustainable.
  • Executives: 
    • Get control of career-ending issues like substance use and mental health problems.
    • Learn optimal ways of operating in your business and life.
    • Develop an expanded range of ways to cope with anger and negative feelings so they don't hurt you, your career and company, or the people you care about.

Let me help you be a successful entrepreneur. Call me at 424-270-5427 or email me at to set up your free 20-minute phone consultation and we can talk more about your needs.