Therapist Money Workshop:
 Process + Learn + Practice
healthier ways to think and talk about money

with your clients

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If you're a therapist in Los Angeles who struggles with conversations about money - setting or shifting your fees, or assessing and discussing finances with your clients - you are not alone.

You may avoid or even dread the idea of talking about money with your clients. Perhaps you've absorbed some shame from your family of origin, grad school, or training sites - where discussions about money are often lacking. But you may also have been turned off by some of the resources available to therapists, which seem so hyper-focused on money (and getting more of it) that they lose the clinical part of what we do.

Your own money concerns may also be creating a big clinical blind spot when it comes to clients' financial issues, causing you to be less effective than you could be as a therapist. This workshop will help you to work through some of your money issues so you can be more effective as both a business person and a clinician.

You can change your relationship with money, and become a happier and stronger therapist for your clients.

This workshop is part process group and part experiential learning group, and it will give you new ways of thinking about and understanding how you relate to money, to help you approach money issues with self-assurance and confidence while providing excellent, ethical clinical care.

Attending this workshop is an investment in yourself, your business, and your clinical growth, because once you start to manage your own anxiety, you'll be able to assess and address more effectively all of the shame and anxiety about money clients bring into treatment.

Date: Saturday, August 5, 2017
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Cost: $75
Location: Beverly Hills (address will be provided to enrolled attendees)
Contact information: Sepideh Saremi, LCSW
Phone: 424-270-5427

About me and why I'm doing this: I'm Sepideh Saremi, a therapist with offices in Beverly Hills and Redondo Beach

I grew up with a lot of money instability, and had a whole other career prior to becoming a therapist (as a writer/editor in editorial, advertising, and start-up settings). When I got to grad school and post-grad training, I was surprised to see how many therapists struggled with money issues and also frustrated by how little attention we give to this important topic. It was clear to me that this isn't good for us or our clients.

I've done a lot of work to understand and have a healthy relationship with money myself, so that the way I set my fees and talk about money with my clients is thoughtful, intentional, and not based on my own anxiety. As a result, I've been able to help numerous clients and colleagues reconfigure their relationships to money. It makes me happy to see people make decisions based on their values instead of their fears - money in private practice shouldn't be any different.

I'm launching this group to help other therapists who are looking to heal some of their issues around money, but who also want guidance on talking about money with clients in practical, clinically appropriate ways.

I'm also interested in providing a shame-free community for those who are passionate about providing awesome clinical care and want to build sustainable, financially healthy businesses. I hope you'll join us

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The workshop is limited to 8 clinicians so we can keep it cozy and useful.

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