Treatment Areas

Counseling for Men and Women in Redondo Beach, CA
Sepideh Saremi, LCSW | 424-270-5427 |

In addition to providing Run Walk Talk treatment, the psychological issues I help people with most often include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationships.  I have a special interest in working with Type-A people and entrepreneurs.

Though I have experience treating these mental health issues, please know that I never reduce my patients to diagnostic categories and think about them as a whole person.

You are a person, not a diagnosis.

When we work together, our focus is on your strengths, and on helping you live a meaningful and healthy life.


Therapy for Depression 

Depression can take many different forms, and it can look really different from person to person. It's very difficult to have depression, and often people who haven't experienced it don't understand and don't have a lot of empathy for those who are in it, especially friends and family who are having a hard time seeing their loved one in pain.

I have experience working with people who feel depressed as a result of transitions or change (such as postpartum depression or grief), as well as those who have a history of long-term depression that doesn't have any obvious triggers. 

When I work with people who are depressed, my approach is both empathic and practical, focused on being present with you to reduce loneliness while also helping you to gently explore ways to feel more connected and improve your mood. Together we will understand what contributes to your depression, identify what helps, and make a plan for long-lasting wellness. 

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural part of life, and some anxiety is necessary and motivating. But too much anxiety is horrible. Anxiety can be exhausting and isolating, driving us to make our world smaller because we feel so afraid and out of control. 

I have experience treating people with many different anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety. Often people feel a lot of shame about their anxiety, and I help patients learn ways to relax and take care of themselves when they start to feel anxious rather than beat themselves up.

If you're struggling with anxiety, know that there is a way through it. I can help you to connect with your strengths and values, so your life isn't determined by fear.

Therapy for Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can feel insurmountable. There is so much shame, pain, and suffering associated with drug and alcohol misuse, abuse, and dependence, and often the factors driving this issue are really complex and point to other emotional needs that are not being met.

Treatment for addiction should not be based in shame or increase suffering. I use a harm-reduction approach which helps patients move forward and get better. I don't require total abstinence as a condition of care but focus on each person's values and goals.

Together we will understand how drug or alcohol use impacts your ability to live the life you actually want, and I will always encourage changes that bring you closer to that life. 

Relationship Therapy for Individuals

We are all wired for connection with others. It's the most important part of being a human. But many people have trouble connecting with others and forming healthy, satisfying relationships.

Often this is because they're operating in ways that were necessary for them when they were very young, and they're unwittingly stuck in old patterns that don't work anymore. Sometimes people understand their patterns, but don't have the skills to do things differently yet.

I help my patients to understand what's driving their current relationship issues, but in addition to this awareness, we also work on changing these patterns so they can get their needs met in healthy ways and feel more satisfied. This happens in talking about and negotiating the therapy relationship that we form together, which helps people learn what they need and how to get their needs met in other relationships.

My style is focused on your transformation and giving you real, practical tools for change, so you can build relationships that make your life better.